Orangeries: the Classy Conservatory

With the entire country in the grip of the housing crisis, you’re probably among the wise folk who’ve opted to stay put in their existing home and build a conservatory or orangery. Previously only seen in the great houses of Britain, orangeries are gaining in popularity over traditional conservatories. One reason for this irresistible rise is that they are considered the classy option. This article takes a brief look at why such a perception has come to be so widely held.

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1. Their History

Orangeries have a noble pedigree, originating in renaissance Italy as a dedicated structure in which citrus trees could spend the winter safe from frost. This alone adds a touch of class: imagine, a whole building just for oranges! Their luxuriousness is writ even larger when you consider that the expanses of glass required for their construction represented a major technological innovation of the times.

The orangery first gained popularity in England in the 17th century, possibly as one of the wonders encountered by rich, cultured young men returning from the Grand Tour. It can’t have hurt that the crowned heads of Europe were captivated by these structures. In 1617 Louis XIV of France built an immense orangery to house his 3,000 orange trees, introducing architectural flourishes as further symbols of his wealth and status.

2. Their Construction

orangeries sussex

Now that every Tom, Dick and Harry is building his own conservatory, the orangery marks its owner as being a little more discerning. As a structure consisting largely of brick, the orangery requires more thought to design, and is certainly more difficult to construct than a conservatory. If you have an orangery, it is immediately obvious to everybody that you have a build that was designed and executed by professionals.

3. Their Aesthetics

As substantial brick structures, orangeries are usually designed to harmonise with the architectural tenor of your house. For this reason, they are the natural choice of people living in listed or heritage properties. And there is a substantial fringe benefit to this stylistic harmony: it enhances your home’s ‘kerb appeal’ far more than a wooden or uPVC conservatory possibly could, adding value to your property and indicating your good taste.

So, it seems that orangeries really do deserve their emerging reputation as the classy conservatory. With its distinguished history, complex construction and refined aesthetics, the orangery is becoming well-to-do Britain’s outdoor room of choice. Renaissance Orangeries are a trusted UK company with a long-established reputation of building orangeries and conservatories: contact them today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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