Beware These Pitfalls When Building Your Own Orangery

An orangery can be a wonderful addition to your home, enhancing its value and enabling you to enjoy your garden all year round. But before you decide whether building your own orangery is the right option for you, there are four potential pitfalls to consider.

orangeryPlanning Permission

The earliest pitfall when building your own orangery is the failure to get the right planning permission. Technically orangeries don’t need planning permission, but you do need to be sure that your project fulfils the legal definition of an orangery. The list of limitations and conditions is extensive, so if you want your project to succeed, do your research and be certain that it fits the bill.

Design and Materials

If you’re not a design professional, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture. You may have always wanted an orangery inspired by the Victorian palm houses of Britain’s botanic gardens, but may not have the expertise to make this style look good in combination with your 1970s semi. Perhaps a lack of carpentry and joining skills prevents you working in timber, but an easy-fit uPVC kit orangery would look all wrong with your existing window frames.


Even if your orangery’s construction is not technically governed by building regulations, you must make sure that its foundations are adequately laid. Make sure you dig your trench deeply enough – so it reaches down to firm ground – and take care to fill it with concrete of the right mix. If you skimp on this stage of the construction, you risk the future collapse of your orangery’s flooring.

Temperature Regulation

In your quest for a year-round sun room, a south-facing orangery probably sounds like a fantastic idea. But miscalculate the amount of sun, even in the UK, and you can easily create a summertime furnace which costs a fortune to keep cool. Solar shielding technologies can be factored into the design, but you must survey your garden carefully to ensure that you understand how the sun’s path will interact with your orangery.

Building your own orangery may seem like a sensible, money-saving option. But the above factors mean that an orangery is a deceptively complex building project: misjudge any of it and you could be stuck with an ugly structure that’s only suitable as a walkway to the garden. Fall foul of planning and building regulations, and your work may need to be demolished entirely. These problems can be avoided by hiring a professional company.

Make sure your new orangery doesn’t become a white elephant. Renaissance Orangeries will design, manage and build your orangery, as well as providing full planning and building regulation services, giving you the benefits of a complete package at one competitive price.

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